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Many builders are "adapting" to market conditions by trimming costs, and offering less.  My sense is they may be forgetting that even in this challenging market, the goals of their customers haven't changed.  The new home buyer still wants to maximize their purchasing power, and they still want the best value.

Mark Long, Owner
Vanguard Homes

When seeking a name for his company, Mark Long wanted the name to clearly represent his vision.  Mark's vision?  Simple, yet bold:  To provide new home buyers with superior homes, customer service, and simply greater value than what the local industry has ever offered before.

The name Vanguard Homes is the perfect fit.  "Vanguard" means to be at the forefront of a movement or trend.

Vanguard Homes is a new company with a fresh vision, but that doesn't mean its leader is a novice to the industry.  As Vice President in charge of construction at Saddletree and Symphony Homes, Mark Long has built nearly 1,000 homes in his thirteen year career.  A native of Colorado, and a former military officer, Mark's role in the industry has always been customer focused.

Recently, as many semi-custom builders have slowed production, left Colorado Springs, or just dropped out of the business, Vanguard Homes is aggressively moving forward with fresh design ideas and the newest home technologies to enhance value.