Custom homes in Colorado

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Vanguard Homes believes in working together as a community for the benefit of everyone. We are committed to the greater good, and have found community service and volunteering to be an invaluable part of life here in Colorado.

"I am truly gratified to be affiliated with an organization of Habitat's caliber.

Contrary to popular belief Habitat does not just give away homes. People partner with Habitat, having to put in sweat equity, before they are allowed to move in. After a Habitat homeowner does their sweat equity, they actually have a closing where they sign a mortgage payable to Habitat. Habitat takes the money from these mortgage payments, along with other donations, and puts it back into other houses for other prospective Habitat homeowners.

Many of the materials and components of the houses are donated. Additionally, many volunteer and ministry based organizations donate labor through group projects to build the houses. One great aspect of donating to Habitat is that they have a very low expense and overhead ratio- ie; when people donate they can be confident that the vast majority of their contribution is going towards “sticks & bricks”.

I have worked with Habitat in many capacities over the years- board member, building committee chairman, and running special projects. I look at it as helping people who are less fortunate get their foot on that first rung of the ladder of success."

Mark Long, Owner Vanguard Homes